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Michael Werner


Michael Werner – s the founder of one of the most successfull hypnosis schools (www.hypnosecenter.at) in Austria/Europe, the home country of Mesmer and Freud and the birth place of hypnosis. He trains several hundreds of hypnotists every year and has spent a lot of time travelling around the world to find forgotten knowledge about ancient hypnosis techniques. He did that because he always had the feeling that something had been missing in hypnosis today. In the last few years he had the breakthrough and found the answers at the sources – in the countries where it all started: Austria, Germany, Italy and France.

Ancient powerful hypnosis techniques from the Old World

Deeper trances and better results with non verbal hypnosis techniques: Is hypnosis today the same as it has been 200 years ago or is there maybe something “missing” today? Maybe something extremely powerful? After almost 10 years of research Dr. Michael Werner and his team say: “Yes, there is a missing link in hypnosis.” This is the reason why a lot of people think that hypnosis should feel different. In former times hypnosis was much more non verbal than today. There are very powerful old techniques that are rarely known and we have rediscovered them. In Italy we have learned non verbal hypnosis, in Austria and Germany we have followed the traces of Mesmer. In France we have studied the work of the Marquis of Puysegur and his artificial somnambulism and the ideas of Abbé Faria. And now we know the ancient secrets of hypnosis and maybe soon you will know them too…