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Michael Watson

Michael Watson


Michael Watson – An international trainer of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis, Michael Watson has been practicing hypnotherapy for over three decades. He is a former trainer for Salad Ltd in the UK and on the training team for NLP of the Rockies and the UP Hypnosis Institute. A Diplomate of IMDHA, and  IACT “Educator of the Year”, Michael is a faculty member of HPTI and is the Director of Phoenix Services for Personal Development. Known for his lighthearted and caring style, Michael’s training programs are as enjoyable as they are practical. His developmental work in Generative Hypnosis is “cutting edge” and offers a new skill set to hypnotists in contemporary practice. When he’s not traveling and training, he lives in Orlando, Florida where he maintains a private practice.

Emotional Choice Workshop

Some people are slaves to their emotions.  Fear, anxiety, jealously, anger come and go … like the weather.  And they just don’t know how they’re going to feel from one day to the next.   This fast paced workshop is packed with demonstrations, tips and techniques that will put your clients back in control of their emotional lives.  Learn to respond to emotions as they arise and adjust them in real time.  Understanding the structure of emotions and how to manage them.  Utilizing emotions in hypnosis and NLP.  This skill based training offers a great collection of new and exciting choices that can revolutionize the way you work with clients.

Magic Hands

This program includes a complete teaching demonstration of a powerful process developed by Milton Erickson and Ernest Rossi.  Combining elements of hand and arm levitation, catalepsy, and ideomotor responsiveness, this easy-to-learn technique can help resolve deep seated issues that your client has been struggling with for years. This gentle and generative pattern doesn’t require a script and can be applied to almost anything.   Variations, exception handling, and additional patterns will be included.

Michael is also offering a 1 day pre conference workshop:

Evolutionary Hypnosis: A New Paradigm for Trancework
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