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Michael Watson Preconference

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The Magic of Metaphor

Metaphor is the language of the unconscious mind.  Harness its power and creativity in this action packed, fast paced workshop.  Of course we will explore several strategies for using storytelling in hypnosis and NLP, and even share with you how easy it can be to do in real time.  You’ll discover a natural ability that you may not have realized you have.  You’ll learn how to elicit powerful and unique personal metaphors from your clients to gain greater understanding and make your work even easier and more effective.  Discover how you can create living metaphors and experiences for your clients to take the change out into the world beyond your consulting room.  Incorporate one of Dr. Erickson’s greatest talents into your practice. You’ll find out how to use metaphor for even deeper embedding of hidden suggestions.  Utilize inner journeying and transformational “rituals” for deep exploration and insight.  Use conversational metaphors for greater impact in or out of the office.  This is a comprehensive skill-building course for the serious student of contemporary hypnosis or NLP.

Michael Watson

An international SNLP certified trainer of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis, Michael Watson has been practicing hypnotherapy for over three decades. He is the lead trainer for Salad Ltd in the UK and on the training team for NLP Comprehensive and the UP Hypnosis Institute. A former IACT “Educator of the Year”, Michael is is a faculty member of HPTI and is the Director of Phoenix Services for Personal Development. Known for his lighthearted and caring style, Michael’s training programs are as enjoyable as they are practical. His developmental work in Generative Hypnosis is “cutting edge” and offers a new skill set to hypnotists in contemporary practice. When he’s not traveling and training, he lives in Orlando, Florida where he maintains a private practice.