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Michael Ellner

Michael Ellner


Michael Ellner – is a Medical Support Hypnotist, Self-Care Educator and Life/Health Coach with more than 30 years of experience in teaching people how to relax, de-stress and focus their attention in ways that promote health, healing and well being. He is the co-author of Hope is Realistic – A PHYSICIAN’S GUIDE TO HELPING PATIENTS TAKE SUFFERING OUT OF PAIN and the lead author of a peer reviewed paper Hypnosis in Disability Settings. Michael has taught 40 hours of accredited Continuing

Conversational Hypnosis in Client Settings

Will focus on utilizing conversational hypnosis during your intake/pre-talks and for reinforcing your hypnotic rituals.

Utilizing Cellular Plasticity in Your Hypnosis Practice

This training will provide practical tools for putting the latest Neuro-Cellular Plasticity theories into your hypnosis practice.

Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Exactly what the title says — This exciting 1-hour Workshop will be filled with Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Helping Clients More Effectively.

Michael is also offering a 1 day post conference workshop w/ Alan Barsky:

Specialty Certification in Medical Support Hypnosis
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