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Michael DeSchalit

Michael DeSchalit


Michael DeSchalit -has been an award winning stage performer for more than two decades. He started as a professional magician and illusionist and was later trained in stage hypnosis by Jerry Valley and the late, great Ormond McGill. He performs well over a hundred shows per year and has performed in 26 states in such venues as the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, The Riviera, The Circus Circus and The Orleans in Las Vegas. His audiences range from high school students to major corporations. Michael has trained over one hundred stage hypnotists from more than 13 countries. He is considered an expert in his field by his peers and one of the busiest hypnotists in the United States.

Programming Your Hypnosis Stage Show for Maximum Success

Whether you are a new stage hypnotist or a experienced performer, this seminar will cover the A-Z of programming a stage hypnosis show for maximum success. We will cover everything from scripting the show, including the introduction all the way through the routines and to the final closing remarks. We will also address stage persona and proper choreography of your show so that your show will have super smooth transitions using music and stage blocking. Practice habits will also be presented as well as the business aspects from booking to re-signing the show year after year.

Michael is also offering a 2 day post conference workshop:

“Hypnosis Shows from A to Z” – Making Your Hypnosis Show the Best it Can Be
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