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Michael DeSchalit


Michael DeSchalit -I am an Award Winning Stage Hypnotist, Multi-Award Winning Magician and Certified Hypnosis Instructor with over 25 years of performance experience in 4 countries, 26 states and a hundred plus shows per year performed. I have trained well over 100 stage hypnotists from more that a dozen countries. I have been a presenter at HTL since their inception and was one of the featured performers in 2015.

Programming Your Hypnosis Stage Show for Maximum Success

If you are a stage hypnotist or just starting out as a stage hypnotist, this presentation is for you… I will share with you my methodology for programming an award winning stage hypnosis show. I will cover everything from contracting and pre-show set-up to creating fail proof routines and how to properly rehearse, to “scripting” out your entire show for a solid performance, every show. I will also share with you how I re-book almost 100% of all my shows year after year and how I add new shows by referral only (not y spending thousands on advertising). Learn from my 25 years of performance experience. Nothing will be sold at this presentation, every bit of information will be shared to help you improve your show.