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Melissa TiersIntegrative Hypnosis 2.0: An Advanced Class in Change

August 27-29


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This three day workshop is a comprehensive course in Integrative Hypnosis. It is for people who want to learn to integrate the latest research in neuroscience, priming and embodied cognition into their trance work. You will learn how to set up multi level communication for more strategic hypnotic influence and how to use practical approaches to rewire habituated patterns and conditioned responses.

The course is designed to give you protocols for changing almost any issue while allowing for your own personal voice and artistry to flourish. Melissa will teach you the simple structure of change which will allow you to be more creative and dynamic as you get more and more strategic. You will learn the art of instigating memory reconsolidation to make change at the synaptic level as well as teach clients a simple protocol for self directed neuroplasticity.