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Melissa Tiers


Melissa Tiers is the founder of The Center for Integrative Hypnosis in New York City. She is an award winning author, trainer and international speaker.

Procrastinate! And Still get it Done

There is an artful way to use your tendency to procrastinate. Come learn some cool ways to work with client’s avoidance strategies and you just might find yourself getting more done. You will learn the how, where and why to procrastinate and the research that supports the subtle art of motivation.

Self-Directed Neuroplasticity: The Science of Change

Self directed neuroplasticity refers to the process of actively instigating the creation of alternative neural connections. It is the mind’s ability to change the brain. This workshop will teach you an adaptable protocol for empowering your clients to change their own habituated patterns in the brain. You will learn about the different forms of neuroplasticity and how to encourage neural growth as well as neural extinction. The workshop will cover the basic ideas behind Hebbian law as it relates to changing stimulus/response and neutralizing both external and internal triggers. You will not only understand the core essentials but will have an active way to implement them into your practice. We will also cover the more rapid form that uses memory reconsolidation to change the emotional pathway connected to early primes.

Melissa is offering a 3 day post conference workshop: Integrative Hypnosis 2.0: An Advanced Class in Change

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