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Melissa Gilleece

Melissa Gilleece


Melissa Gilleece is an internationally renowned, certified hypnotherapist (also completed gender reassignment surgery two decades ago). She has a full-time private clinical hypnotherapy practice in West Los Angeles, and is an instructor at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute College of Hypnotherapy in Tarzana, CA. Additionally, Melissa sits on the Board of Director’s as vice-president for the Hypnotherapists Union. She is also a member of The American Counseling Association (ACA), The American Hypnosis Association (AHA), The International Council of Professional Therapists (ICPT), and member of the Penn State University Psychology Club (WCPC).


Hypnotherapy with Transgender Clients

In my lecture I cite the latest medical research surrounding the Transgender Phenomenon; I explain not only what is happening from clinical & biological perspectives, but I also detail the real-life challenges that these individuals, families, friends and significant others face (daily and for the rest of their life), and how the hypnotherapist can best help them. Combining the science of what we do know on this issue, along with my observations and experiences of being in and around that community for the last 30 years and now seeing those clients and their families in my private practice. I bring a well-rounded and deep perspective, which most therapists do not possess on this topic, and certainly not from my perspective.

Today, suicide rates among transgender people are 9 times higher than the national average. So many transgender people have a hard time with self-acceptance. It’s the hypnotherapist that is in the most ideal position to help someone discover the person they most want to be — to find who they really are. To help them release the past, guilt and shame for living their truth. Keeping in mind, trouble is brewing, if they never resolve their past, before beginning a transition to a new gender, e.g., you can’t run from yourself. Therefore, if a transgender individual fully accepts themselves, would the suicide rate be 9 times higher than the national average?

However, today transgender people are beginning hormones within the first month of identifying as transgender, and doing so with the blessings of therapists and doctors. That is too quick! That does not allow enough time for introspection (through guided therapy). They need to have enough time to process losses along the way, which could take months and in some cases years. At multiple stages through this journey, there are many losses for a transgender person. If they race through the process, and many do, they will ultimately have a difficult time in accepting themselves or even knowing who they truly are. I also, talk about the unforgotten in this process, the spouses and children, and how to best help them move forward, also.

Transgender is an umbrella term for everyone in the community of which
there are seven basic groupings of individuals. Each group has a VERY
different desired outcome.

In this Hypnosis and Transgender Clients Seminar you will:

• Learn who makes up the Transgender community

• Learn how to determine if you can help a Transgender client

• Learn about people throughout history that likely dealt with gender issues

• Learn Dr. Kinsey’s scale of orientation and Dr. Benjamin’s scale of gender identity

• Learn the difference between Sexual Orientation vs. Sexual Identity

• Increase your practice, learn how how to network with Doctors and Specialists in this field

• Learn deepening techniques, specific Imagery scripts and affirmations