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Mason and Soderstrom Post

Working With Improv

August 27


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Join Ron Soderstrom and Phylicia Mason in a fun and Enlightening workshop. Showing you how to use the principles of improv comedy to improve your business and relationships.
– By building greater rapport with others.
– Being more confident in new situations.
– Having more creativity and flexibility.

As a Bonus, you’ll also be taught how to take this same workshop, make it your own, and use it present in your own practice.

Prepare yourself for this tag team to bring more laughter into your day!

Ron Soderstrom, a past performer and presenter at HTLive is a Ch.T., Stage Hypnotist, Improv comedian, Aerialist, and Dancer. Taking principles from hypnosis and improv, he continues to expand his own knowledge while sharing it with you.

Phylicia Mason received her certification in 2011 at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy. This is her fifth year at HTLive, and her third year presenting. Phylicia also has extensive experience in the performing arts. Consistently performing in stage shows and film work in Southern California.