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Marx Howell

Marx Howell


Marx Howell Inspector Marx Howell is a 32 year veteran of the Texas Department of Public Safety, a graduate of the FBI National Academy, holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, and served in the United States Marine Corps. He started his career as a state trooper in the Traffic Law Enforcement Division and promoted through the ranks to Captain in the Criminal Law Enforcement Division and then to Inspector. Marx holds a Master Police Officer Certification and is a T.C.O.L.E. approved Law Enforcement Instructor. He has over 50 years of police experience

He has served as Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Cold Case Review Team (CCRT) which was started in 1985 and is sponsored by the Sheriffs’ Association of  Texas. This 24 member committee meets quarterly to provide law enforcement agencies assistance on unsolved sexual assault and homicide cases. All members have extensive investigative experience & training in criminal personality profiling.

He is trained in crisis intervention, critical incident stress de-briefing,  hostage negotiation, forensic hypnosis and interpersonal violence courses. Marx has taught forensic hypnosis courses to law enforcement officers since 1982 and Criminal Profiling courses since 1984.

Marx was assigned to participate in the development and implementation of  the Texas State Police Forensic Hypnosis Program in 1979. He received his initial training from Dr. Martin Reiser at the Law Enforcement Hypnosis Institute in Los Angeles and has attended numerous hypnosis training programs since that time. He has documented over 1,500 classroom / conference training hours of hypnosis and is certified as an Investigative Hypnotist by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

He is past president of the Texas Association for Investigative Hypnosis & the Capital Area Police Officers Association, and has authored several hypnosis articles published in law enforcement and mental health journals in the United States, Canada, & Australia. He serves as President for the International Society for Investigative & Forensic Hypnosis.

He lectures and provides training to over 2,200 people annually, has trained Texas Rangers in Basic & Advanced Forensic Hypnosis interviewing techniques and most recently provided them training in Criminal Personality Profiling.

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