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Mark Lakowske


Mark Lakowske – Master Hypnotherapist & Therapeutic Coach, Mark D. Lakowske is a leading Motivational Mindset Expert for Sadness, Direction & Life Empowerment. As the Founder of Healing Artistry Therapies, Author, Speaker & Spiritual Intuitive it is Mark’s passion & mission to uplift & assist people all over the world by re-acquainting them with their natural ability to heal, transform and release what is no longer serving them & to help them move into the life they desire!

Hypnotic Ho’oponopono for Resolution, Release & Healing

By loving, healing, forgiving and then releasing the attachments we have with people, places, objects, energy & emotions, we can allow the relationship between those things to start anew. You will learn how to use this effective adaptation with-in the hypnotic process to help your client enhance and/or release any attachment to unwanted habits, beliefs, behaviors or people at the subconscious and interpersonal level. It will allow your client (or yourself) to disconnect from how they have represented a person/thing which no longer serves them & their life.