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Mark Cunningham Pre

The Moment Of Induction

August 23


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Most working hypnotists have become adept at “doing” hypnosis, utilizing favorite inductions and named techniques. Yet many still do not understand HOW inductions work, or WHY their technique of choice is effective.

This proposed class will present a model of the Mind’s behaviors that shows how and why it allows the conscious mind to go quiescent, and allows the “subconscious” (other than conscious) mind to expand and assume absolute control. Additional tips will define and illustrate the low-level operators that make up all “inductions”, and that allow the hypnotist to BE hypnotic.

The class format will consist of lecture/stories, demonstrations and in-class exercises. All exercises will be round-robin, with continual switching of partners and each student experiencing the materials both as hypnotist and subject. Initially the exercises will be set-piece, moving to increasing improvisation. The end-goal is for each student to be able to completely improvise an effective induction at will.