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Mark Cunningham Post

Conditioning For Permanent Change

August 27


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It is no longer professionally or ethically feasible to offer single-session hypnotherapy with the assumption of success for any and all comers. With the advent of social media, a practice with a low-to-moderate success rate will fail and by extension tarnish us all.

i have personally performed more than 30,000 hours of effective hypnotherapy sessions! (This is one case where it helps to be a dinosaur in the profession!). We offered a money-back guarantee for every client we accepted and so we were forced to develop a program which would work with any generic cranky uncooperative subject. We tracked our clients with 3 month, 6 month, 1 year and 5 year follow-up contacts and achieved an astonishing 98% success rate!

Topics included will be selection criteria, motivational strategies, types and combinations of sessions, blind therapies, symbol fractionation and synesthesia, and tailoring a client’s program of sessions to their unique needs. Plus, the inevitable digressions.

The class format will consist of lecture/stories, demonstrations and in-class exercises. All exercises will be round-robin, with continual switching of partners and each student experiencing the materials both as hypnotist and subject. We will cover all of the inductions/exercises I use with EVERY subject, regardless of reporting problem.