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Mark Babineaux


Mark Babineaux – is an attorney in General Practice who is also trained in both Mediation and Collaborative Resolution. He is honored as a Life Diplomate by the IMDHA, Certified Master Trainer with IACT and Certified Instructor with IHF. A frequent presenter at hypnosis conferences, he teaches many hypnosis related curricula and his practice includes helping individuals and groups overcome destructive habits, improve beneficial habits and Forensic Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is Habit Forming

Remember that Hypnosis itself is a habit. It is the habit that controls all other habits. Here are some tips, tools and tactics for using hypnosis to improve or remove those persistent habits which seem to either run or ruin our lives. Learn to use triggering, anchoring, visual cues, breathing and other simple reinforcement techniques to either suspend or amend our learned behaviors.