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Mark Andreas

Mark Andreas


Mark Andreas trains NLP around the country, is instructor of NLP at Red Rocks Community College, and runs an NLP coaching private practice assisting people in achieving life-goals and resolving limitations using NLP and other methods (www.markandreas.com). Mark is author of the book, “Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree,” true stories of creative ways out of conflict, and “Waltzing with Wolverines,” a collection of stories and principles for working with youth based on his two years leading groups of at-risk teens 24-7 for three week shifts at a wilderness therapy program in Colorado.

Transforming Negative Self Talk

Many people believe we need to fight or overcome our inner critics, or just ignore them and “think positive.” This simply doesn’t work, and the truth is that what does work is much easier. When we understand how to uncover the hidden positive purpose of our inner negative self-talk, we can transform our inner critics into supportive allies that will be here for us for the rest of our lives.