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Mariana Matthews


Mariana Matthews – While the world of professional hypnotists is dominated by men, a colorful and dynamic woman has been making her mark in conducting some creative hypnosis entertainment shows. Mariana Matthews, or “That Lady Hypnotist”, has established a reputation for entertaining a variety of satisfied audiences.

Born in the Netherlands, Mariana Matthews brings that European flair to everything she does. She is proud to be one of only 40 “Professional Female Stage Hypnotists” in the U.S. and Canada. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and has mesmerized audiences throughout the world, including Maui, Java, Netherlands, Canada and throughout the U.S.

Mariana is also a certified hypnotherapist and believes that laughter is really the best healing tool available. Asked why she left law enforcement to become a comedy stage hypnotist, Mariana states she wanted people to wave at her with all five fingers! “Comedy Stage Hypnosis is not just my career but my passion!” exclaims Mariana.

Bring the Pizzazz of Stage Hypnosis into Your Hypnotherapy Practice

A set of fun and easy to do hypnotic phenomena.

Help Your Clients Fix Their Chronic FDD ( Fun Deficiency Disorder)

Teaching clients to see the lighter side via hypnotic humor…
* FDD – permission from Michael Ellner *