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Maria Bird


Maria Bird-is a Strategic Motivator, Speaker and leader in her craft. Maria commands her environment using proven techniques she has acquired through education and practice. She brings to the table over 25 years of finance and sales experience combined along with a Jungian approach, NLP (NeuroLinguistc Programming), Ericksonian Methods, Mindfulness & Voice.

Maria Bird is a certified hypnotist and instructor through the National Guild of Hypnotists and a certified NLP Coach through the National Federation of NeuroLinquistic Programmers

Use the Force – The Hero’s Journey to Success

This workshop will help you recognize patterns of behavior by discovering and understanding the universal personality patterns we embody and evolve into throughout our lives. By fostering understanding of the Hero’s Journey, Archetypal figures both Light & Shadow, it will provide insight to the individuals who seeks to break patterns which do not serve positive growth.
In this workshop, you will learn:
What is an archetype?
Archetypal Patterns (What we are born with vs. what is learned)
Light & Shadow
The Archetypal Journey (The Hero’s Journey)
Growth through Cosmic Goals
Your Quest for Success
Getting over stumbling blocks
Finding harmony with your shadow
How you might begin to change.

Maria Bird will provide handouts describing the various Archetypes in detail, The Hero’s Journey & an understanding how to implement The Hero’s Journey in your practice.