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Manuela Esslinger


Manuela Esslinger –  is a neurobiologist. In the Laboratory of Psychoneuroimmunology of the Ruhr University of Bochum she is doing research on schizophrenia and depression. In 2011 she came across hypnosis and was intensively occupied with that topic from that time. Since 2013 she is furthermore working in her own practice for hypnotherapy. Here she is primary working with clients who suffer from depression, anxiety disorders and children.

Hypnosis in Psychoneuroimmunology

The scientific field of psychoneuroimmunology is investigating the pathways allowing mutual influences between the nervous and the immune system. With hypnosis we are directly influencing the nervous system, which suggests that the other systems of the body also can be affected by hypnosis positively. Psychologically directed therapies like hypnosis have been shown to reduce stress and enhance well-being. This is also evidenced for patients with compromised immunity. This presentation offers scientific research studies about hypnosis with evidence of improvements in health due to strengthened immune competence. Furthermore, it will demonstrate why hypnosis should be used in depression treatment and points out the beneficial effects for the clients.