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Louise Baker


Louise Baker is an NLP and time line Therapy ® Master Practitioner and Graduate of the Dave Elman best practices course and as you would expect after 13 years practice has a wealth of experience across a wide range of presenting issues. Louise has also coached on the UK ” Warrior programme” an NLP and Time Line Therapy ® training.

Sensational Solutions for Hot Women 

Looking at Integrated Clinical hypnotherapy Solutions for Women and Menopause
Inspired by watching fabulous, beautiful , clever and talented women start to doubt their abilities and future life as a result of the social , biological and emotional issues of the change
Neuroscience informed solutions – Including an introduction to The Havening Techniques ® by Louise Baker Havening Techniques ® Certified practitioner and co presenter with Dr Ron And Steve Ruden NY March 2016.
Understand how Trauma plays a role in the formation of somatic and autonomic cognitive and emotional responses and how to utilize Clinical Hypnotherapy , Yoga and Nutritional information , Suggestions and FLP ( Future Life Progression to alleviate and change the experience of the change.
This seminar will result in attendees being invited to join a group of practitioners passionate about changing the lives of older women and how to monetize their learnings through effective workshop structures.
This is a value laden presentations that will also bring in the work of Dr Laura Crawshaw and the TAD ® Dynamic – a simple and effective way of understanding defenses and our responses.
Brief Biography: Louise Baker has been a practicing Hypnotherapist for over 13 years, whose journey and passion began over 35 years ago. At a recent event Karl Smith from the UK hypnosis Academy was heard to saw ” blimey that was before I was born”. Indeed and I am still practicing, learning, teaching and supervising.
I use a blend of Hypnosis, NLP and Havening in my practice and love the addition of an incredibly effective tool, it feels like a laser beam that can go directly to the issues and heal. I love helping other therapist integrate their skills whatever their chosen modalities.