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Lisa Hubler


Lisa Hubler- along with her husband and partner Dale Jaffe, founded Mind Matters Restorative Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles almost 20 years ago. Coming to hypnosis through years of serious meditation and yoga practice, she immediately saw the interface between them and began synthesizing the best of these practices into a unique and deeply trance-formational experience that helps people heal from even severe anxiety and fear in a very short period of time. For more information, go to amindmatters.com or look us up on Yelp for many current client reviews.

Long, Slow and Deep – Restorative Hypnotherapy

The first hour is a talk and instruction on our very successful practice of Restorative Hypnotherapy. It is a unique synthesis of the deepest levels of hypnosis, meditation and restorative yoga (the yoga of relaxation) and is appropriate for almost any complaint a client presents with. It is superb for relieving even severe anxiety and fear, by literally resetting the central nervous system to an appropriate level of arousal for the present moment. The next hour will be guiding participants into the first session of our program, so they can experience this profoundly healing state for themselves, while integrating the what and how of the previous hour. We have been honing this practice for almost 20 years.