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Kweethai Neill

Kweethai Neill


Kweethai Neill – aka Dr.Kweethai has successfully created a process of helping clients heal from difficult life challenges without any dramatic use of tools or gizmos. Clients develop a deep sense of trust in her work and are remarkably successful in a short time. Dr.Kweethai is Chief Catalyst for Change and Founder of iHealth Center for Integrated Wellness taking care of clients worldwide. She is also Master Teacher, Negotiator, Business Advisor, author, and speaker in professional circles in many places in the USA and Asia. She brings a lifetime of teaching experience and communication skills from academia to our Universe-City, integrating Western Science and Eastern Energy Medicine.

Inductions, Inductions, Inductions: Instant, Rapid, Quick, Quick or Slow

Hypnosis is a state of natural consciousness. There is no need to use gadgets and gizmos to induce trance.
Come and learn a few ways of inducing hypnotic states in clients, naturally and effectively.
No pins, no pills and no frills. Hypnotic Trance on fire!! Learn some exceptionally simple ways to induce trance.

The Physics of Pain

How to apply the physics of energy to transform pain to relief in an instant! Pain is part of life, suffering is optional. Watch Dr. Kweethai demonstrate how to alleviate suffering in minutes. Learn how make suffering disappear. Magic? No. Magical ? You bet.