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Kimberly Anne St-Laurent

Kimberly St LaurentBIOGRAPHY

Kimberly Anne St-Laurent -The art of finding and bringing stories to life has been a true passion for Kim. She has completed her Theology degree savouring the true treasures and hidden strategies within the Bible. She has attended conferences with amazing storytellers such as Bo Eason, followed Masterclass by Werner Herzog, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Spacey, Steve Martin, James Patterson as well as many others. She has also read diverse genres of authors and loves listening to impact full stories.

Kim is an ambitious Coach, Strategist, Hypnotist. Since her early teens she has sought out to be at the cutting edge of personal development. She helps high achievers, such as athletes, breakthrough to higher levels of performance. She has also had the opportunity to travel to different countries speaking on a wide variety of subjects such as chastity, faith, the Wim Hof method, generating more energy, and so much more.

Kim loves to be of service. She also looks forward to meeting you at Hypnothoughts Live 2018!

She looks forward to seeing and meeting you!!

Entranced by Words

Stories, metaphors and imagery has impacted human kind since the beginning of time. With examples from the Bible, popular culture, and the amazing Dr. Milton Erickson. Learn to create and tell your personal story and metaphors with power.