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Kevin Laye


Kevin Laye – International trainer and public speaker
Harley St based therapy practitioner having developed a successful practice and excellent reputation
Member and Psychosensory lead of the College of Medicine UK
Radio and TV experience as guest and featured therapist
Good portfolio of work featured in a variety of media
Published Hay House Author of Positive Shrinking and Positive Drinking
Creator of a set of unique therapeutic MP3s
CEO of fledgling Technology Company
Co founder of MCPA (Meta Changework Practitioner Academy)
Current work is fully endorsed and supported by Paul McKenna
Founder of Psy-TaP

The Neuroscience of ‘Awesome’

What will I teach and what will you learn?
It is just ‘awesome’…How awesome depends on how awesome you choose to want to be.

Going ‘against’ the flow. Secrets of the ‘Lazy’ therapist

Whilst everyone in the profession is trying to ‘grow’ and create a ‘name’, Kevin Laye is doing the exact opposite and having spectacular results. Kevin has made both himself as a therapist and his Psy-TaP system, very exclusive, difficult to connect with and unique are rare. This is totally counter intuitive to most business thinking. Kevin has studied the Paddi Lund philosophy and applied it to the holistic profession, and if it is done well, it works. The system and philosophy generates a large return. It is a ‘mindset of success’, and it requires some courage to accept and even more courage to implement. Dare you?… I dare you to explore the concept.


Kevin is offering a 1 day post conference workshop: Developing a “Success Mindset”

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