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Kevin Cole

Kevin Cole


Kevin Cole Starting with himself and moving on to others, for over 18 years now, Kevin Cole of Empowerment Quest International- www.NLPTrainingQuest.com- has been helping individuals overcome personal challenges from their past, learn & experience how to live passionately in the present, and discover and live their true purpose in life. Along with keeping busy with his private practice in Las Vegas, Kevin also travels internationally as a trainer of NLP, Hypnosis & Life Coaching.

 Resolving Dyslexia With NLP

Want to learn how to help clients rid themselves of the symptoms of dyslexia in as little as 5 minutes?

If so, take this workshop.

During this two hour workshop you will learn the most cutting edge and effective NLP and hypnosis techniques for overcoming the symptoms of dyslexia. Whether working with kids or adults, these simple techniques are absolutely life changing and fast working!

“Do Less Hypnosis – Make the Change During Your Intake” – with Jason Linett

Whether you’re brand new to hypnosis or already a skilled practitioner, we have one simple goal; we want you to do LESS hypnosis. The hypnotic process is one that makes use of the power of expectation, belief, and ritual. Imagine beginning the hypnosis portion of your session… with the change already in motion!

Join Jason Linett and Kevin Cole for this two-headed interactive presentation in which you’ll learn how to incorporate conversational NLP strategies for change into your pretalk, intake, and interview process to expertly chip away at the problem BEFORE your client believes the process has begun.

Even better… imagine BEGINNING your hypnotic induction with the conviction that you only have to go in and reinforce the changes you’ve already helped facilitate.