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Kevin Cole

Kevin Cole


Kevin Cole Starting with himself and moving on to others, for over 18 years now, Kevin Cole of Empowerment Quest International- www.NLPTrainingQuest.com- has been helping individuals overcome personal challenges from their past, learn & experience how to live passionately in the present, and discover and live their true purpose in life. Along with keeping busy with his private practice in Las Vegas, Kevin also travels internationally as a trainer of NLP, Hypnosis & Life Coaching.

The Neuroscience of Chanting

Learn & experience one of the best stress & anxiety techniques you could ever have in your toolbox.

Chanting has been taught for thousands of years in different cultures, but most are afraid to try it, let alone teach it to their clients, out of fear of being considered “Woo-Woo”… Until Now.

The Science is in and Kevin Cole is going to teach you all about how modern neuroscience of chanting.

In addition. During this course you will learn…

*Simple chanting exercises guaranteed to dramatically relieve stress, anxiety, depression and even reduce symptoms of epilepsy!

*Types of chants that are best for calming the mind.

*Types of chants that are best for greater energy and focus.

*An ancient chant that Kevin learned directly from his Guru, Sai Boo-Boo after following him around for many years, combing his afro and sweeping his cave.