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Kenda Summers


Kenda Summers –  aka “The Northern Entrancer” hails from Ottawa, Ontario Canada. She has gone back to her clinical roots, and currently has an office located in the Mid-West. She is also an accomplished stage hypnotist and has performed all over North America. Bringing to you this informative class along with her dynamic partner AnnaRose Anderson, new to the hypnosis world and taking it by storm. AnnaRose has her degree in International studies with a double major in public relations and politics.

PROFILE Your Clients to Empower Change w/ AnnaRose Anderson

Ask a question that hits a challenge you didn’t know you had. The Enneagram can help you to find a strategy to overcoming why you behave a certain way. It is a fantastic tool for personal and collective transformation.
Similar to the Myers-Briggs, the Enneagram takes personality types many steps further.
The Enneagram leans more toward the nurturing side of things (suggesting that types emerge as a response to childhood experiences)
The Enneagram describes WHY while the Myers-Briggs describes HOW
The Enneagram encompasses our desires, fears, fixations while the Myers Briggs outlines how we interpret and act upon them.