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Ken-Adi Ring


Ken-Adi Ring– Hypnotherapist since 2003 and Certified Instructor, CI since 2010 Owner/CEO Tri-Unity Wellife Associates, Ring is certified yoga/meditation instructor, who taught internationally including India; Licensed Massage Therapist and Instructor in practice since 1975. In addition to founding the first Wisconsin School of Massage & Bodywork in the 1980s, Ring has produced 40 years of events such as 20 Annual Mother Earth Festivals, led Sweat Lodge ceremonies, produced dozens of Wellness Expos and sponsored leading edge authors-speakers such as Deepak Chopra MD, Wayne Dyer, Joan Borysenko, PhD, Bernie Siegel, MD  & many others.

A Tantric Understanding of the Chakras: Tools for Hypnosis

In this class we will introduce and explore the Seven Chakra system and integrate this knowledge for useful impact for hypnosis in treatment of issues presented by your clients as well as its usefulness in Self Hypnosis. We will explore powerful tantric techniques of the breath and sound current to influence the brain particularly the pineal and pituitary regions. This will enhance the uptake and functions of systems such as immune, adrenal and thyroid. We will demonstrate a hypnosis/trance and the importance of breath and imagination to subconscious minds reception and how tantric focus plays a key role. Understanding this system’s upper chakras and how the fourth or heart Chakra, 5th-Throat-Chakra and 6th-third Eye-chakra can be physically and metaphysically activated through techniques I will introduce. It is pivital to note the Heart is the gateway chakra between the lower 3 centers and the upper 3 centers and the significance. Self-hypnosis demonstration will be coached for a convincing response and effect with participants. This will be followed by question and answer class sharing discussion. Participants will embrace a deeper experience of themselves feeling profoundly moved and trance- formed.

Mind-fullness Meditation: Discover and Embrace Your Still Point

Learning to still the mind empowers the self. The Sanskrit term for this is vipassana. We will explore special breath and sensation techniques and gain access to this ‘self’.  Anyone can learn to the control the mind. Key simple techniques of watching the breath in a unique manner can change your attitude and empower your focus. These techniques can also be a powerful tool to helping your client calm themselves at will and get them into deep receptivity for (self) hypnosis session. The breath is your ally to accessing the gap and going deeper.