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Kelli von Heydekampf


Kelli von Heydekampf – is a Professional Hypnotist, owner of West Metro Hypnosis in Minnesota, Professional Speaker, Improv Performer, Mother of Teenagers, Loving Wife, Enthusiastic Pet Owner and Life-Long Learner, not necessarily in that order. Her life-long interest in the power of the mind brought her into the world of hypnosis where she feels most fortunate to share this power and knowledge with her clients. Authenticity, boldness and curiosity keep her looking for ways to create an even bigger life. Married for 24 years and still parenting three teenage daughters, Kelli is most grateful for the skill set she has acquired through hypnosis and improv, wishing only that she had had these skills much earlier in life.

How the Principles of Improv Benefit the Hypnotist (or Anyone Else for that Matter)

Improv is one of those things that evoke such comments as, “Improv was the best thing I could have done for my career!” or “Improv? Never! Too scary to even think about!” What is it about Improv that elicits such strong responses? First of all, Improv is a skill set–which means it can be learned and practiced. Secondly, it pushes you out of your comfort zone where ALL learning takes place. Lastly, it taps into the creative part of you and once you get over yourself–you get to play and have fun. This presentation will briefly outline the principles of improv while allowing for time to play skill building games. Your interest very well may be sparked just enough that you decide to dive even deeper into the world of Improv so that you too can say, “Best decision I ever made!”. This presentation is interactive and requires your participation–come prepared to laugh and play!

The Authentic Hypnotist

We hypnotists are the billboards for hypnosis–we are the advertisments that are projected out into the world. We say that we believe in the power of the mind, the power of our thoughts, words and actions. We encourage our clients to tap into this power so that they may move into a more creative, more empowered, more deliberate life. As practicioners, we are only as effective as our own personal practice reflects. Whatever we teach and preach only carries credence when we apply the same principles, skills and strategies to our own lives. This presentation is an invitation to look at your own life–all aspects of it–to see where a deeper level of authenticity may be beneficial. Most of us have used hypnosis to resolve different issues but do we use hypnotic principles as a daily practice? Do you walk the walk or just talk the talk? Let’s spend some time together talking about how we can show up as our most authentic selves, giving our clients and others genuine hope that their lives can change for the better–not because we say so but because we are actually living it. Give yourself the opportunity to create a coherent message about the role of hypnosis in your own life and identify the areas that would benefit from a deeper self-practice. When we take the time to self-reflect, it allows us to show up with a higher degree of integrity, authenticity and genuine sincerity.