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Kelley Woods

Kelley Woods


Kelley T. Woods – has been helping clients through her private practice in Washington State since 2002. Author of several trade books, she is the founder of Hypnotic Women, co-creator of HOPE Coaching and enjoys training other hypnosis practitioners in her direct and creative approaches.

WHEN THINGS CLICK! – Hypnosis and Operant Conditioning

Kelley and Donna will teach the principles of Operant Conditioning and how it works. Utilizing concepts of behavioral psychology that include Classical and Operant Conditioning, in addition to Modeling/Observational Learning, we can help clients through a hypnotic modality. Attendees will gain knowledge and practical tools for their personal and professional lives through this exciting and fun class. Free clickers for all who show up!

2 Dynamic Tools from 2 HOPE Coaches

Kelley and Roger will explain and demonstrate how you can easily help clients with two proven, fast techniques. The Emotional Detox shifts emotional and physical states; perfect for use in pre-talk, during formal hypnosis and on a day-to-day basis to help re-structure neural pathways and promote feelings of calmness, comfort and clarity. The Light Switch Technique helps people elicit a relaxation response and periodically re-boot themselves, promoting self-regulation. In addition to learning the theory and application of these approaches, attendees will get to experience and practice them. Come prepared to add these fast and fun techniques to your hypnotic toolbox!

Kelley is also offering a 1 day post conference workshop w/ Roger Moore:

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