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Keith Dykes

keith dykes


Keith Dykes -is a masterful and accomplished Hypnotherapist, spiritual counselor, coach, trainer and professional actor. He began his journey of “knowing” at an early age but did not fully awaken to his inner creative talents. It was during his 20 years as a professional singer, actor and theatre producer that he began a profound personal transformation that radically changed the course of his life.
Keith is a Certified Trainer/Instructor for the IHF in Hypnosis, Spiritual Counseling, and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). He is a NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnotist, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with The American Board of Hypnotherapy, Certified Conversational Hypnotherapist with the IAPCH, and holds Specialty Certifications in Spiritual Hypnosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Smoking Cessation. He is also a Double Reiki Master Trainer/Instructor and has studied Ancient Hawaiian Huna and Brain Gym 101®.
Keith is a pioneer in blending ancient spiritual practices with modern day emotional solutions. He is a sought-after spiritual counselor, coach, leader, and trainer traveling and working internationally. His success has been generated solely by word of mouth from clients around the world. He runs a successful practice in Metro Atlanta, Ga.

What is the “IT” in Spiritual Hypnosis?

Lots of Hypnotists are intuitive. “BUT” there is a time and place for it in your work. Knowing when to use that intuitive hit is tricky. Clients come form all different backgrounds and spiritual practices. It is important to know when and where it is ok to use those gut feelings or intuitive hits. Over the years of working with so many clients there was an “IT” that developed in the Spirit of the sessions. Mastery of this knowledge can save you time and assist you with generating consistent referrals.
There is a thread in the language that is used by the client verbally and non-verbally. Yes, we have many protocols and techniques at our disposal. We use those all the time. The “IT” is something different. It is more than a connection to the client or your knowledge. There is a thread in the type of client that you are attracting and it isn’t about marketing or advertising. There is a thread in what that client does when they leave your office with a successful session. These various threads are all connected if you are aware of them. Observation of these threads is a great next step but weaving them together is Mastery.