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Keith Barker

Keith Barker


Keith Barker – is an Information Technology (IT) professional, whose passion is Hypnosis. Keith’s YouTube channel has over 50,000 subscribers and over 4 million views. Recently, Keith has been integrating hypnosis and NLP techniques into his IT training, to assist learners in having a more fun and effective experience as they gain new skills.
An example of how Keith integrates some of the hypnosis techniques in his videos can be enjoyed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbWk4xMwnyE

Finesse Your First Induction, Today!

There are several roadblocks and pitfalls that a person, who is just learning the skills of hypnosis, faces. In this session, Keith shares his experiences and breakthroughs that will assist a new learner of hypnosis in both recognizing and avoiding the circumstances that may otherwise leave a well-intended traveler stranded on the side of the road.

The key take-away from this session that you will learn is how to begin, continue and accelerate your skills in the sphere of hypnosis. This applies to individuals who are learning hypnosis for personal use, as well as those pursuing a career in hypnosis.