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Keith Barker

Keith Barker


Keith Barker – is an Information Technology (IT) professional and certified Hypnotist whose passion is Hypnosis.  Keith’s YouTube channel has over 60,000 subscribers and over 5 million views. Keith has been integrating hypnosis and NLP techniques into his training, to assist learners in having a more fun and effective experience as they gain new skills.


Keith enjoys sharing techniques and teaching about hypnosis. If you are new to hypnosis (or if you would like to reinforce your existing skills regarding hypnosis and inductions), you are invited to attend his session at HypnoThoughts Live 2017 so you can see, learn and get hands on practice performing an induction in a safe, comfortable and inviting environment.


An example of how Keith integrates some of the hypnosis techniques in his videos can be enjoyed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbWk4xMwnyE


Finesse Your First Induction, Today!

It is interesting, isn’t it, how many people who are new to hypnosis attend HypnoThoughts Live.  For those who have yet to actually do an induction and feel the delight of invoking a hypnotic trance, this session is for you!


What’s covered?  Glad you asked, and here’s the agenda:

1)The theory of mind (and why it’s critical, pun intended ;).

2)What causes a person to enter the hypnotic state, and demonstrations of 3 methods you can use now to do exactly that!

3)Hands on practice, in class, to reinforce what you are learning in this session.