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Kaz Riley


Kaz Riley – is a UK based Hypnotist now with over 19000 clinical hours in clinical practice. Specialising in treating with and teaching hypnosis for Anxiety related issues and Sexual related issues including; Fertility, Birth,birth trauma, sexual dysfunctions, sensuality and kink friendly therapy. Kaz is a registered therapist with the national coalition of sexual freedom. She Teaches at several UK universities to midwives, doctors, nurses and medical students, mentors Hypnotists in 17 countries and has appeared in several newspapers magazines and on TV .

Kink Friendly Hypnosis

What is Kink Friendly hypnosis?
What does it mean to be kinky?
How to work with clients from the kink and BDSM community.
What is a fetish and when is it a problem?
How is kinky friendly hypnosis different from erotic hypnosis
Case studies from this community.

Double the Fun with Dual Inductions w/ Stephanie Conkle

Are two voices better than one? Taught by Stephanie Conkle and Kaz Riley, this fun and INTERACTIVE class is all about the mix. Dubbed as “The Cocktail Party” effect, two simultaneous hypnosis inductions may prove to be quicker and more effective than one voice. In this class you will:

1. Experience what it’s like to be hypnotized by two voices simultaneously,
2. learn how to do it with a partner,
3. learn how write dual voice scripts to make your own recordings, and
4. experiment with it on others in class.

Dual inductions are great for creating deep trance through confusion, compounding, and mind-body dissociation; and they are perfect to use in hypnosis demonstrations. Come have fun with us!

Kaz is also offering a 1 day pre conference workshop:

HypMastery Diploma in PsychoSexual Dysfunctions
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