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Kathy Shimpock


Kathy Shimpock –  is a storyteller, hypnotherapist and transpersonal practitioner. Her company, Symbols of Soul, helps clients discover and explore their own inner wisdom.  They learn to interpret and understand the language of spirit, that is, those messages which show up in daily life as metaphors, symbols, images and synchronicities.  The tools she uses for transformation include: transpersonal hypnotherapy & guided imagery; storytelling; Reiki and other energy work; spiritual guidance mentoring; depth coaching; expressive arts; ceremony and ritual.    Kathy is currently an instructor at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and Adjunct Faculty at South Mountain Community College.

Storytelling for Personal Growth and Healing

Discover the ancient art of storytelling!  Joseph Campbell once said there is only one story – the hero’s journey.  Did you know there are over 1,000 versions of the Cinderella story throughout the world? Why are these ancient tales told again and again in similar ways throughout time and in different cultures?  Perhaps it’s because these stories connect with our subconscious minds in a deep and powerful way.  Discover how to use traditional stories, sacred tales and mythology to connect with your clients.  Identify the stories that parallel to your own life.  Help clients to reframe their life story into a story metaphor to make transformative change.  Together you can easily remove internal blocks and barriers by using story in a guided imagery or hypnosis session.  Did you know that any time your mind is focused on imagery it is entering into a trance state?  This is why the ancient wise ones shared their wisdom through story.  It is also why children learn more from their stories than from instruction. Hypnotherapists will learn how to “tell” and not read stories.   This is an impactful “Ericksonian” way to connect more deeply with clients.  You’ll also discover how to use this technique with children without the need for a traditional induction. This class will guide hypnotherapists and life coaches to create powerful sessions using story for healing and transformative change. You will become aware of the metaphor and story references in your client intake and use these cues to create custom sessions without the need for a written script.