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Kathy Lindert

Kathy Lindert


Kathy Lindert – Author of the series “How to Fix Yourself”, and Certified Trainer of Hypnosis.
Prior to Kathy Lindert becoming a hypnotist, she was a licensed Stock Broker and Mortgage Banker. Over a decade ago, a close family member suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that prohibited him from excelling in his life. Kathy decided to try a new method, hypnosis. The results were outstanding and surprisingly extremely effective. Kathy had stopped smoking in 1987 with the use of hypnosis. Kathy decided that this was her new career, hypnosis.
Kathy became a full time hypnotist, becoming a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and started Advanced Hypnosis Counseling, LLC. Kathy works with clients to help with stop smoking, weight loss, fears, career and relationship issues, sports, school, confidence, public speaking , and so much more, by using three different techniques; hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and the Emotional Freedom Technique. Kathy is in her eleventh year of practice and still enjoys seeing people succeed and giving them the freedom they deserve.
Kathy Lindert has always known that no one is perfect and that everyone has their own unique traits that make us who we are. People have unwanted, and even unhealthy, traits and behaviors that limit them from being who they truly are. Kathy Lindert helps people to overcome their unhealthy behaviors and give her client’s confidence to see it through.
Kathy also teaches hypnosis methods to calm patients for Dentists and Chiropractors at The Institute for Continuing Education, in Fairfield, New Jersey.
Kathy has recently opened The Mental Edge, to help athletes maximize their performance; assist students and professionals increase test scores and eliminate test taking anxiety; and help corporation with individuals who need that boast of confidence to improve public speaking and increase sales.

Getting Doctors Referrals

How do you get doctors to refer patients to you? How do you get them to trust you as well?

I have been getting doctors referrals for over the past 7 years and have increased that number of doctors to over 100. I have been sending out letters and other information that helps the doctors and staff understand what I do to help their patients, while giving me referrals. I will provide copies of the letters I send out as well as how I continue to follow up with the doctors so I am the first one they think of for stop smoking, weight loss and other issues.