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Kate Beaven-Marks


Kate Beaven-Marks is an enthusiastic, experienced hypnotist, instructor and international presenter, using a wealth of knowledge developed from extensive studies and research, including how hypnotherapy is taught (Doctoral research), and experience gained from teaching in Colleges and Universities. Director of Studies for the Alterjective Institute and therapist with Affinity Hypnosis, Kate teaches students from novice to advanced, and works in a range of settings, including medical and surgical hospital environments.


This practical workshop explores the Locus of Control scale, how to identify a client’s location on the scale, the implications and influences of this, and how to help the client achieve a more balanced position, leading to a more engaged, empowered and emotionally responsible client.

3 Rapid Therapy Techniques

This practical workshop gives you an opportunity to learn and practice 3 rapid therapy techniques for insight, habit change and addressing limiting beliefs. These techniques are as useful when time is limited in the therapy room, healthcare environments and ‘in the field’, such as working with athletes. Due to their rapid nature, they are also ideal for use in hypnosis presentations and demonstrations, helping the client and audience observe rapid change. Each technique will be presented and then you have an opportunity to practice them, building confidence and competence and enhancing your understanding of each approach.

Kate is offering a 1 day pre conference workshop: EMDR for Hypnotherapists

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