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Karen Hand


Karen Hand is an award-winning Board Certified Hypnotist and Owner of Chicago Hypnosis Institute. Following a 30-year career as a Chicago radio personality and talk show host, Karen opened a full-time Hypnosis practice. She is also a NLP Master Practitioner, EFT Facilitator, and Certified Hypnosis Trainer. Karen’s articles on hypnosis have been published in a variety of Journals, magazines and newspapers and she has been a frequent guest on radio and TV programs discussing the magic of the mind.

Unlock Limiting Perceptions: A Kaleidoscope of Change w/ Erica Flint

Limiting perspectives can keep clients trapped in an unresourceful state. Discover an easy-to-learn framework for moving clients from their problem to their solution. Taught in an engaging hands-on style, Karen & Erika explain and demonstrate proven methodologies for change. This workshop includes easily applied techniques utilizing a kaleidoscope of imagination, characters, and reality to reframe and build better-feeling perceptions. The experiential training features demonstrations and handouts/outlines that can be used in your sessions. There will be time to practice to enhance your confidence in applying this powerful information in a variety of scenarios.


Release your fears of Regression work and increase your knowledge of the important use of hypnotic time travel for much more than regression to cause or Past Life Exploration. Realize these powerful techniques can be simple, quick, and fearless.
Take the mystery out of the magic and discover how to utilize effective language for RE-gressing or PRO-gressing clients (or groups) without concern for abreactions or false memories. This experiential workshop includes demonstrations, practical handouts, and practice of the techniques to increase your ability to use the material in client sessions immediately when you return home.