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Justin Weiss


Justin Weiss – I am currently volunteering as a Research Assistant in a Cognitive & Affective Sciences Laboratory, researching the efficacy of Mindfulness Based therapy interventions. I volunteer for MAPS (Multidisciplinary Assocation for Psychedelic Studies) as a Night Attendant in the FDA-approved trials using MDMA (ecstasy) for treatment resistant PTSD. I am currently applying for PhD programs in Health Psychology & Clinical Psychology.

The History and Future of Hypnosis & Psychedelic Medicines

I will cover the usage of hypnosis in conjunction with various psychedelic substances, in both the realms of therapy/changework and “mind control”. I will then cover the breakthrough work being done with psychedelic medicines for treatment of mental health (PTSD / Depression / End of life anxiety / OCD) and the potential benefits of incorporating hypnosis in these cutting edge treatments.