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Judith Simon Prager


Judith Simon Prager – I am the co-developer of Verbal First Aid, a protocol I teach at medical centers across the country and around the world (China, England, Brunei). I train first responders how to speak in medical emergencies and crises to set a course for recovery and help prevent PTSD. I have co-authored several books on the subject (The Worst Is Over: What To Say When Every Moment Counts is considered The bible for crisis communicatio by the International Journal of Emergency Mental Health). I have a PhD in psychology and a private practice in Los Angeles. Latest book: What the Dolphin Said.

Verbal and NON-Verbal First Aid: Healing with and Beyond Words

Verbal First Aid is a protocol for therapists and first responders providing ways to speak to set a course for recovery and prevent PTSD in emergencies and crises. It has been used in hospitals, schools, in the field in the US and around the world. Taking it a step further, can we go beyond words? Listening to horses and dolphins in their healing interactions with humans, I have discovered there is magic to NON-Verbal First Aid. Here’s where you can learn both, to the benefit to the array of clients you are there to help.