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Josephine Teague

josephinetGuided Affective Imagery

2 DAY Pre CONFERENCE, WED – THU, August 19-20


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Guided Affective Imagery

GAI which must not be confused with Guided Imagery. The workshop will explain all the progressive parts of GAI and each section will be practised so that delegates can experience both delivering the intervention and working with (minor) issues. This technique is useful for both simple issues and can release deep seated issues as well. It is a partnership with the client. A one hour introduction was presented at the 2014 conference and was well received. It can be used as a technique on its own or as part of an overall treatment plan.

Full explanation and demonstrations plus the opportunity to practice each level of learning throughout the two days.
Delegates will receive a Certificate of Training in GAI for their Portfolios and CPD records.
They will receive a guide which explains GAI and how to use it. This will act a manual for future use.
I will also always be willing to speak/email delegates who have queries about the ongoing use of this technique in their practice. Training is recognised by the European Association of Hypno-Psychotherapy.

Josephine Teague is a mature practitioner of Hypno-Therapy, Psychotherapy and Hypno-Analysis. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology with Health, Welfare and Social Policy and a Master Of Science Degree in Health & Environment. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology; Professional Graduate Certificate in Education: the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (which is externally validated and accredited by the ncfe) a Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy and an Advanced Certificate in Hypnotherapy. Josephine is classified as a Senior Clinician by the National Council for Hypnotherapy and is an Accredited Supervisor as well as a Certified Hypnosis Educator and has completed training for students of 16+. She has followed various courses of training in Psychotherapy, Analysis and Hypnosis, which enables her to specialise particularly in “Hypno-Analytical” Therapy. Stress management is conducted as well as utilising Neuro Linguistic Techniques for eliciting effective changes in behaviour.
Josephine allies her therapy to the practice of many styles of hypnosis including Ericksonian, analytical, symbolic and other techniques for the treatment of nervous disorders and emotional problems. She is also a Sleep Talk Consultant and is an accredited trainer for the European Association of Psychotherapists.