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John Farley

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John Farley has a bachelor’s degree in physical education/adult fitness, a master’s degree from Teacher’s College-Columbia University in the science of exercise and sports psychology as well as doctoral studies and research in applied sports psychology. He’s a certified hypno-therapist since 1989 and a certified NLP practitioner since the early 1990’s. John has appeared on ABC, NBC, and PBS television.

Weight Loss: Deep Psychology

Sometimes weight loss suggestions and techniques aren’t successful because a client’s subconscious mind won’t accept the suggestions. Discover the number 1 reason why diets fail. The key benefits of exercise and how they relate to weight loss. An alternative to the typical 45 – 60 minute sessions with weight loss clients. How to uncover the sabotaging fears, doubts and beliefs that destroy weight loss success. Go beyond typical weight loss hypnosis and do a deep dive into weight loss psychology.