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John Cerbone

John Cerbone


John Cerbone –  has hypnotized tens of thousands of people and regularly drops complete strangers into deep trance in mere seconds. John has taught and performed around the World, for companies and colleges all over the USA, on the Las Vegas Strip, and has appeared numerous times on radio stations, MTV and Fox News to millions & hypnotizing celebrities in LA at the Emmys. Known as “The Trance-Master,” John wrote the internationally best-selling books, “Hypnotic Scripts that Work” volumes 1 & 2 and “Power Hypnosis” has and continues to develop dozens of new methods of induction, including “Speed Trance,” instant speed induction which he teaches live and on video around the world. He has worked with leading sales professionals for sales motivation and more!

Inside Secrets to Sales Force Success Getting the Sellers to Sell – YES, Even You

There are numerous ways hypnotists like you can help sales people, sell, sell, sell!

Sales people are some of the highest paid people in the world and yet some of the most challenged in their line of work.

Challenges can stem from a wide and varied list of areas, from staying motivated to rising above challenging situations and clients, and ranging from issues in their personal lives, organization, meeting deadlines, to adapting to challenges presented by changing needs and ever-changing marketplaces. Not only for selling to others, but selling yourself, spreading unstoppable enthusiasm!

Motivation, goals setting, and rising above challenges as well as belief in self, are just a few of the ways a Hypnotist can help these professionals rise to the occasion, reduce stress and succeed as never before. Come and learn from John Cerbone who has hosted programs for leading sales professionals and gain the insights needed to succeed with Sales Professionals, where even a hypnotist like you sell, sell, sell, as never before!!!


Breaking up is hard to do…NO LONGER!

The Untalked About Session – Helping Clients Survive Breakups and Divorce – Strategic Interventions for Effective Sessions
In this concise program, you will learn:
 Insights into Relationship Breakup
 Intervention Strategies – Paradigm Shift Creation – Distress Release
 Better than Forgetting
 Forgiveness via Relaxation – Barrier Free
 Instilling Self-Perpetuating Healing, Release and Relief
 Re-identification
 Lessons Learned– Appreciation and Self-Assurance as a New Chapter of Life
 Time Dilation– Method, Modality, Use
 The Next Chapter Begins – Moving on – Brighter Vistas Ahead
 Liberate Their Inner Winner

How can you mend a broken heart? Clinical hypnosis of course! Have your clients release, suffer no more and move on, better than before, new choices, better lives.

Power Hypnosis Private Sessions – Insider Secrets

Time to boost your practice with this seminar, while turbo-charging your session results and more importantly improving client’s lives. After learning how to achieve a more sufficient level of trance depth, and learning the signs detailed in this class, the next most important thing for any clinical Hypnosis Professional is delivering high impact suggestions that get results! Students here will learn to create better trance depth, better functioning suggestions, working smarter while building a database of self-written suggestions in this program.
 Your Next Generation of Intake Management & Techniques
 Your New View of Suggestion Writing
 Creating Self-Adaptive Suggestion and Reinforcement Techniques –greater impact session results
 How to Write and Structure Suggestions to lower Resistance
 How to lower Resistance generate High Impact Breakthroughs
 Systematic Suggestions to Target Your Client’s Weak-Spots
 Utilizing the latest Methods and Techniques, (from an author of internationally best-selling Hypnosis books/script manuals including “Power Hypnosis” and a pioneer of numerous breakthrough techniques), including covert suggestions!
 Intensifying Session Results while Achieving Greater Session Success.
 Personally Developed Readjustment Techniques will be taught and shared.
 Breakthrough Suggestion Methodologies are taught and practiced in this Seminar.
 And So Very Much More!
An general overview of trance depth signs, better suggestion writing techniques from an internationally best-selling author of suggestion script books, an outline of the Cerbonian suggestion writing method, how to use logical a step by step process of suggestion building, how to use phrasing and evasion methods to write better patterns including: creative mental pattern change, changing self-communication language (catch phrases) and instilling better self-communication, releasing past situations, forgiving self-judgment, re-identifying one’s self and life, trauma unblocking and release techniques, moving on, new chapter life building, even when to use covert suggestions to yield maximum impact and profound improvements.

John is also offering a 1 day pre conference workshop:

The Trance-Master’s SPEED TRANCE – Lightening Fast Hypnosis Inductions: A full Day Training & Certification
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