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John Cerbone


John Cerbone –  has hypnotized tens of thousands of people and regularly drops complete strangers into deep trance in mere seconds. John has taught and performed around the World, for companies and colleges all over the USA, on the Las Vegas Strip, and has appeared numerous times on radio stations, MTV and Fox News to millions & hypnotizing celebrities in LA at the Emmys. Known as “The Trance-Master,” John wrote the internationally best-selling books, “Hypnotic Scripts that Work” volumes 1 & 2 and “Power Hypnosis” has and continues to develop dozens of new methods of induction, including “Speed Trance,” instant speed induction which he teaches live and on video around the world. He has worked with leading sales professionals for sales motivation and more!

Instant Life Trance-formation – Immediate Improvement on the Spot! — Your Keys to Instantaneous Life Transformation

In this information jam-packed program, you will learn: revolutionary CLINICAL ENHANCEMENT TECHNIQUES – which John Cerbone has personally researched, developed and pioneered:
 LEARN – How to Effortlessly Advanced Methods to Hypnotize People Quickly & Effectively
 LEARN – How to Gather. Suggestion Information Quickly and Effectively
 LEARN – How to Reduce and even Eliminate Resistance!
 LEARN – How to Give Them the Gift of Instantaneous Life Change
 LEARN – How to TRIGGER Incredible Inspiration!
 ACTIVATE – AUTOMATICALLY Liberate Release, Reformulate, Improve!!!!
 LEARN – how to effectively let the client know results are being achieved unbeatably!
 UTILIZE – The Power of Intent for Instant Transformation
 SEE or EXPERIENCE – Cutting-Edge Induction/Re-Induction Techniques

John is also offering a 1 day post conference workshop: The Trance-Master’s SPEED TRANCE Lightening Fast Hypnosis Inductions – A full 1 Day Training & Certification

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