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Jodi Hert

Jodi Hert


Jodie Hert – resides in Phoenix, AZ and enjoys introducing people to the power of hypnosis. Jodi was certified by the NGH in 2014. She is also a member and the treasurer of the Arizona Society of Professional Hypnosis (ASPH). Jodi is diligent about staying up-to-date on the latest social media trainings and trends and loves to share what she learns with other hypnotherapists in order to help our profession grow and become even more mainstream.

10 ways to support your weight-loss clients (& make more money) after their sessions

I will be discussing 10 ways that a hypnotherapist can continue to support their weight-loss clients after their package/sessions are complete. It will include discussion around making sure you have an email list of these clients & value that you can provide to that list, ideas for programs you can create as follow-up that can be used by many or all of those clients, working with local or online health and wellness professionals as affiliates for each other, blogging ideas and how you can make money from that, as well as current social media tips for keeping the clients engaged long after their weight-loss sessions.