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Joanna Cameron

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Joanna Cameron – the English-born “Trance Lady” wants to make you laugh! Her comedy skits are brilliantly silly, imaginative and ever-changing. She has performed all over the World for colleges, women’s groups, corporate clients, the US Army abroad and volunteers for the “Wounded Warriors.” During the last two years, she has traveled to Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom to train stage hypnotists and teach “Confidence Building.” Joanna has published her second book—”Forget Diets, Plant Tomatoes”- a hypnotic journey to stop emotional eating. She’s published alongside Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Denis Waitley in “Stepping Stones to Success.” Her chapter focuses on techniques to increase happiness. Joanna is a trainer of hypnosis, stage hypnosis and NLP.

The Fast Phobia Model for Presentations

In any group, there is always someone with a phobia! This makes the Fast Phobia model an excellent choice for group presentations. This NLP technique to scramble memories with a confusion technique and combine this with Time Line therapy to release any negative emotions is one of the most powerful techniques of changing perception. It’s all about perception and changing beliefs at that level. Because of the speed of belief change, the expressions of joy and the ability to assist others to change beliefs without needing to know the context, the picture-frame of that belief, makes this technique inherently-emotionally-intimate- rapport bending and respectfully private at the same time. Multiple Phobias can be released at the same time. Here is a video from 2016 HypnoThoughts LIVE https://youtu.be/lTvGFya-Yyo

Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming

Come on – who is not fascinated to learn how to use your Mind (and you do have a Mind outside the physical brain…) to travel and yes, assemble information, provide comfort/healing, meet your Spirit Guides etc. Join me in a discussion about astral travel. Maybe you are already doing this and we can learn from you?  I will teach you what I know and lead a meditation into a deep trance state and YES – Outside the Body experiences. OBE’s are too be expected! There is no better way to Up Your Vibe and really create your future than learning how to use the connection between your Unconscious Mind and the Super Conscious Mind (the Universe, God, Higher Power or whatever you might call this…) It’s going to be fascinating.

The Trance Lady is also offering a 2 day pre conference workshop:

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