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Trance Lady – Upping Your Vibe!

2 DAY PRE CONFERENCE, Tuesday & Wednesday, August 23rd & 24th




Trance Lady – Upping Your Vibe!

Milton Erickson said that the most important attribute a hypnotherapist can have is confidence!
Upping Your Vibe is the ticket! You will manifest more quickly what you want in your life. Your intuition soars. When you Up Your Vibe – you will feel it, know it and live it! It’s FUN! 🙂 You will be resolute and exude confidence. There is no doubt, no procrastination and you wake up every morning saying “I love challenges.” You will know what I mean when I talk about the Zone. This is a hands on training. You will practice the inductions and be hypnotized many times as the information is “folded in at the Unconscious Level.”

I will teach rapport – and beyond. Your audience will love you!

Learn the lay-out standing induction, fast inductions, hypnotizing silently and to music, the Fast Phobia model for Presentations, handshake inductions, the Elman modified induction for use on the stage and in therapy, modified Time Line Regression therapy, the Esdaile State and more.

After this training, you will be ready to get out there and expand your business and leap gladly on any stage. Find out why Joanna’s training is popular world-wide and has been called #bestweekendever and “Of all the trainings, I have taken – the only one I would repeat!”

See the Trance Lady in action