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Joan Courtney

Joan Courtney


Joan Courtney –¬†Having over 30 years of experience, Joan Courtney, Unstuck Living Pro! is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and is proficient in EMDR protocol. She specializes in PTSD and throughout her practice, has worked with veterans and others affected by symptoms of PTSD related to fire, earthquakes and physical/sexual abuse. Once trust is gained, her clients often refer spouses, other family members and friends to help live with these challenging symptoms. PTSD-anon clients have often given her credit for saving friendships, familial relationships and marriages.

PTSD-anon: Recovery from Another’s PTSD

When your client comes in with PTSD, you know how to help them. But what about others in their family? This malady indirectly impacts spouses, teenagers, younger children, parents, grandparents and friends in a fistful of dire and dramatic ways. And the numbers of this group are growing daily. Learn a system to ¬†help families, friends and loved ones in the largely neglected realm of PTSD-anon. This workshop is practical and hands on, based on actual experiences. Techniques to provide support and perspectives for change will be addressed through live demonstrations and case studies. It’s like having a toolbox at your fingertips, ready for your use.

Got Referrals?

Your clients already know you and like you. But are they referring you? If they aren’t, you may be missing the essential ingredients to grow a deeper trust with them. In this fun and interactive workshop, you will learn how to develop a connection going far beyond that initial session. You clients will be so pleased with you and your services they will naturally want to refer you to others who need your help. The simplicity of this six step process will open the door to create the results you’ve been waiting for, with tools you can use right away.