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Jo Moon

Jo Moon


Jo Moon– is a returning speaker at HTLive. She trained as a Medical Support-Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mental Skills Trainer for Athletes. She has a full-time private practice in Springfield, MO where she enjoys working with athletes and business executives coaching championship minds. Jo is a graduate of the HAA and was privileged to be in classes taught by the legendary Gil Boyne. She teaches Sports Hypnosis and Peak Performance Training not only at international hypnosis conferences but at local schools and colleges and is a frequent speaker on enhancing mental skills.

Sports Hypnosis: The Peak Performance Plan

Everyone needs a confidence boost now and then. Athletes seek help from mental skills trainers/hypnotists not only when experiencing blocks to peak performance but when they want to amp up their skills and reach the next level of success. Learn hypnotic and NLP techniques to enhance focus, boost confidence, and get into the zone. This fast paced class will present and help you organize techniques to assist athletes in living the dream and reaching their goals. “Success athletes know that optimal training for peak performance consists of 20% physical conditioning to 80% mental conditioning (or more)!”

Jo is also offering a 1 day post conference workshop:

Get Ready for a Successful and Profitable Hypnosis Practice!
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