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Sports Hypnosis: Successfully Make Money With Athletes by Making Athletes More Successful
Monday August 28



Athletes seek out mental skills trainers for a wide variety of performance issues from collapse of confidence to inability to focus. They are highly motivated to overcome performance issues that hold them back from success and personal glory. If they have been star players during their high school days, they want to recreate success throughout their collegiate careers. Those who are successful college players dream of the financial rewards of going pro. This day long class provides hypnotists with effective tools for working in the niche market of Sports Hypnosis. The workshop will cover the following:

• Enhance focus
• Power up imagery before and during game play
• Boost confidence
• Create mental toughness and resiliency
• Use the A, B, C’s of Power Poses and Personal Slogans
• Incorporate NLP and Anchoring Techniques

Scripts and reading lists are provided to assist hypnotists with creating their own programs.

Participants will identify 3 Stress Control Techniques that athletes can use immediately during play to correct self-sabotaging thinking
Participants will practice and demonstrate two NLP techniques to assist athletes in connecting with New Behavioral Objectives
Participants will list 8 types of Visualization/Imagery Practices
Participants will define Mental Toughness and Resiliency
Participants will describe effective strategies to help athletes define immediate and long-term performance objective


Jo Moon trained as a Medical Support-Clinical Hypnotherapist and currently maintains a busy full-time private practice in Springfield, MO. She is a graduate of the HAA and was privileged to be in classes taught by the legendary Gil Boyne. Her training included extra work in Accelerated Healing and Pain Control, C-NLPS with Patrick Singleton, Sports Hypnosis with Bob Reese, and Integrative Life Coaching with Melissa Tiers. She is a NGH member.