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Jess Marion

Jess Marion


Jess Marion is an (H)NLP trainer, hypnosis trainer, leadership trainer, and consulting hypnotist.  She is the co-founder of The Intelligent Hypnotist and a published author with over 10 titles.   She works with both private and corporate clients around the world.  Jess brings a dynamic and unique perspective to her trainings as she integrates hypnosis and neuroscience with her background in anthropology and her unique perspective as a blind hypnotist.  She is a deeply caring trainer and hypnotist who believes that both the training room and coaching room are spaces where deep transformation are made.

Coaching the 3 Brains

How many brains do you have? You might be tempted to think only 1 but in reality you have at the very least 3, the one in your head, one in your heart, and one in your gut. Each brain experiences the world in it’s own unique way and is responsible for different sets of neurotransmitters. All three brains are connected to each other through one root nerve that sends message between all three. Why settle for talking with one brain in your sessions when you can speak with 3?

Jess is  offering a 2 day pre conference workshop w/ Sarah Carson: From Pre- Write to Publication: Your Step- by- Step Guide To Becoming a Published Author and Skyrocketing Your Hypnosis Business Profile

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