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Jess Marion

Jess Marion


Jess Marion is an (H)NLP trainer, hypnosis trainer, leadership trainer, and consulting hypnotist.  She is the co-founder of The Intelligent Hypnotist and a published author with over 10 titles.   She works with both private and corporate clients around the world.  Jess brings a dynamic and unique perspective to her trainings as she integrates hypnosis and neuroscience with her background in anthropology and her unique perspective as a blind hypnotist.  She is a deeply caring trainer and hypnotist who believes that both the training room and coaching room are spaces where deep transformation are made.

 My Life Is Over!”: The Art of Working Through Disabilities

When people experience a life altering event that dramatically changes the body and takes from them an ability once taken for granted, life can seem empty and not worth living. When these clients come for hypnosis we as practitioners can face some of the most difficult and ultimately rewarding sessions in our professional lives. Unlike hypnosis clients who come for behavioral changes such as quitting smoking or ending nail biting, clients seeking help coping with and moving beyond newly acquired physical disabilities, whether it be from disease or accident, are looking for a miracle. Our role is to teach these clients how to reclaim their identity, adjust to a new way of being in the world, and how to become their own miracle. In this hour long presentation we will explore:

The importance of using language to honor experiences
The key reframes that will destroy the therapeutic relationship and how to avoid using them

HypnoGames for HypnoJunkies with Shawn Carson and Sarah Carson

Build your hypnotic skills in this fast paced, hands on, workshop. This class will be chock full of opportunities to learn and practice new skills by having fun with our HypnoGames. These games include convincers, partner and movement games, and conversational hypnosis.

In this workshop you will learn more ways to build hypnotic response in your clients, hone your skills as a practitioner and experience fun games for the training classroom, meet-ups or other practice groups.

Expect many different types of trance, and don’t be surprised if fractionation means that each trance will be a little deeper and more enjoyable than the one before!

Who knows how deep you will be by the end of the class and how much of a hypno-junkie you will have become!

Jess is  offering a 2 day pre conference workshop:

The Shift
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Jess is also offering a 2 day post conference workshop:

Avatars, Memories, and Your Amazing Brain: The Art of Hypnotically Applied Neuroscience w/ Shawn and Sarah
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