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Jeffrey Richards

Jeffrey Richards


Jeffrey Richards is a hypnotist, Communication Skills Expert, and NLP trainer. He has operated a private hypnosis practice for 15 years, helping his clients improve their health, careers and relationships. Jeff has trained on three continents and with numerous experts including Gerald Kein, Richard Bandler, and Paul McKenna.

Content Creation with the Public Domain and Private Label Rights

Do you struggle to come up with material for blog posts, products, and classes? Do you sometimes wish someone would do that work for you? Well, someone has. Lots of “someones,” in fact. There are sources where you can legally and ethically use material written by other people and put your own name on it. Between private label rights material (content created and sold with licenses allowing you to use it in any way you please) and public domain material (usually written material that is no longer covered by copyright), you can build an impressive library of written, audio, and video content whose use is limited only by your imagination. Jeff will show you how to find, select, revise and repurpose material from a variety of sources to create content you’ll be proud to put your name on.