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Jeffrey Richards

Jeffrey Richards


Jeffrey Richards i is a hypnotist, Communication Skills Expert, NLP trainer, and corporate consultant. He is the owner of Peak Performance Hypnosis in Columbus, Ohio, where for the past 18 years he has been helping his clients live the lives they choose to live.

The “Other” Magic: Chaos Magic and Hypnosis

If you like getting things done, want to make things happen, and don’t mind being controversial, this class is for you. Chaos magic is magic without dogma, and you will find numerous hypnotists among its practitioners. Attendees will understand the principles of chaos magic, learn why “magic” isn’t automatically spelled with a “k,” and where to go for further study. You’ll also hear stories from the presenter’s two years as an apprentice to one of the most prominent chaos magicians in the US, and how he wins all of those raffles.