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Janet Thomson


Janet Thomson – is a best selling UK author and media presenter with an impressive track record working in the field of weight loss. Initially from a fitness based background (MSc Nutrition and Exercise Science) she was formerly Head Of Training for a national Slimming Chain and went on to open her own chain of health clubs. Here she began combining her already successful nutrition & fitness plans with psychological change work. Her latest book and online program “The Placebo Diet” combines sound physical advice with a unique program to change how you think and feel about food. She is now an in demand presenter and trainer as well as running her own clinics. She has the ability to take often complicated information, and transfer it into user friendly practical advice and techniques that are immediately use-able. Her presentations are always fun, energised and motivational and her passion and commitment shine through along with her extensive knowledge and experience in her field.

Use Your Mind To Change Your Body – The Placebo Diet Method

The first lesson in life we all learn is that being nourished brings physical and emotional comfort. Hardly surprising that as adults we are predisposed to turning to food whenever we want to change how we feel and re-experience that sense of comfort and relief. The neurological “maps” which determine our behaviours are created based on the power of association. We make the choices we associate with pleasure, and avoid those we associate with pain. Most of these associations are formed during childhood when we are not in control of our choices, not just about food, but generally. So the question is, do we have to live with the patterns and habits that were instilled in us before we came of neurological age? and the good news is NO WE DO NOT! but changing habits, especially food related habits, requires an understanding of exactly how those habits become imbedded in the first place. The reality is you don’t break a habit, neurons don’t get snapped in two! but you can CHANGE a habit. Using a variety of techniques you can re-route those same neurons to make new associations and create a new map and new behaviours. That’s Self Directive Neuroplasiticty, a life skill that we can all benefit from. In this session the techniques and principles you will learn will help you in many areas of your work, not just with your weight loss clients.

Janet is offering a 2 day post conference workshop:CERTIFIED TFT (THOUGHT FIELD THERAPY) TRAINING COURSE

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