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Janet Thomson Post

Certified TFT (Thought Field Therapy) Training Course

August 28-29



The concept of Tapping on meridian points to release painful or toxic emotions was first discovered by Dr Roger Callahan and has since been developed into EFT and other adaptations of the same principle. It is an elegant simple non invasive process that can collapse even the most chronic of emotions in just a few minutes. Anyone can learn to do it, with or without previous experience as a coach or therapist. The beauty of TFT, as well as its simplicity, is that it’s not necessary to know what the emotion is you are dealing with. If your client finds it too painful to discuss or is withholding information, as long as you know how they are feeling, i.e. anxious, angry, afraid, jealous, guilty etc. then you can collapse that feeling by tapping the meridian points that relate to that specific feeling. It also works exceptionally well with children, they and all of your clients can learn to do it for themselves giving you the ability to empower them not just when they are with you, but moving forward in their lives.

One of the most important aspects of TFT is the ability to change the bodys polarity. When we experience a negative emotion or are physically unwell, our bodies become negatively charged. Using TFT you can return the body to a more positive polarity. This helps eliminate and prevent self sabotage and negativity. As a coach you need to be able to manage your own energy and protect yourself from negative vibrations from your client, TFT gives you an elegant super simple way to do that. Its not just a work skill, but a valuable life skill , for you and for your clients.

This is an accredited course, after which you will be able to add TFT to your official toolbox.

Janet Thomson MSc is a Best Selling Author and media presenter and has demonstrated the power of TFT on British Television numerous times. Her area of expertise was initially weight loss but her discovery of TFT has made her one of its best advocates and trainers. Dr Roger Callahan (Creator of TFT) wrote the glowing forward for Janets book “Tapping For Life” and said “Janet is creative and unique in her ability to explain TFT, she is an excellent trainer and combines her exceptional teaching skills excitement and knowledge in her trainings”

She is now an in demand presenter and trainer as well as running her own clinics. She incorporates TFT into her successful weight loss programmes, including The Placebo Diet, and has gone onto develop and teach some powerful and compelling applications of this amazing therapeutic tool in all areas of change work, especially around anxiety, depression, self sabotage and low self worth. Janet has the ability to take often complicated information, and transfer it into user friendly practical advice and techniques that are immediately use-able. Her presentations are always fun, energised and motivational and her passion and commitment shine through along with her extensive knowledge and experience in her field.